Visions – Capistrano

Handmade, Hand Painted Custom Designer Ceramic Tile & Molding

Visions & Capistrano. This is arguably the most Elegant collection of hand crafted and hand painted tile available today. The Visions series is distressed and crackled in our studio with any color combinations you desire. Our Capistrano series is with the same designs however the background of this collection is the natural clay, either Maize (Golden tones), Terracotta or Noce (shades of coffee from latte to dark espresso). Painted, fired, sealed with stain,(3 coats)Â and 2 coats of wax that is Capistrano. We usually use the Colonial Clay handmade floor and wall pavers as the base for this collection, however we can put our art work or yours on any of our hand crafted tiles, both individual pieces or as a murals using a predetermined number of handmade tiles to meet your requirements. We have 12 full time very talented artists with expertise in many different styles. Expect variation. Designs can be adapted to most sizes and shapes.