Tooled & Embossed Terracotta

The tooled Terracotta collection is available in 6×6, 8×8, and Diamond shape(8×10) in Terracotta, Maize & Noce clay. We finish them in our 500 system (antiqued), our Capistrano system(darker antiqued), Clear water, oil or penetrating(virtually invisible) based sealing systems are also available. The 6×6 and Diamond pieces can also be glazed any color. Here you have the look of patina’d Leather with the strength of Terracotta. Walls or most floors OK. The Embossed pieces are available in Terracotta clay in all sizes Maize and Noce clay in 6×6 and diamonds. There is also 2 smaller pieces in the collection in white clay and can be glazed to fit your project. The 6.25″ Arabesque, with design, plain or only a feature line. and the 4″ hexagon with design plain or with a feature line. These pieces can be stained most any color and then sealed or, where appropriate, glazed.