Ceramic Tile & Molding-Handmade

All the handmade tile and molding in this category are first quality Tile, Trim, Moldings & Floor pavers for walls, bathrooms, kitchens, fireplaces, floor and anywhere a beautiful surface is desired. They are overruns or discontinued colors, styles or designs.They are sold on a first come first served basis. All sales are final. All sales are FOB Long Beach California. All sales must be paid before shipping. Sizes and colors are approximate. Expect variation. Call for pricing and quantities available. There are usually more overruns than you see on the site. Do not hesitate to ask. Custom and decorative tile and moldings are available in our regular collections.
There will be a revolving selection in this category.

KMT/BCIA is an environmentally friendly company. We clean and or recycle our water, Spray booth air, clay and paper products. Our pigments are all water based. Our tools of choice are the human hand and our imagination.

Most everything in this section is 50% off retail. KMT dealers call for special accommodations.