Est, Cha, Vil, Cot, Dryline & Geo

Est, Cha, Vil, Cot (Rapid ship), Dryline & Geo (Not)

HANDMADE TILE & MOLDING -, 6X6 OR 3X3 handmade tile and molding. Painted in many designs each of which works beautifully as individual inserts, in a random mix or repeated to make a grand design. These 6 collections have a versatile selection of moldings and trim. The field tile as well as the molding and trim are stocked in white or antiqued terracotta. Other colors and pieces are available as a special order. The Estate series is a polychrome on worn white collection. The Chateau series is a blue on worn white series. The Villa series is polychrome on antiqued terracotta. Villa is finished and antiqued with sealer and wax. If you need to use it in an outdoor (not freeze area or a wet area) request a fired glazed finish. The Cottage, Dryline & Geometrix series does not have a worn edge but is available in gloss or satin.

*** Due to the nature of handcrafted tile, please expect slight variation in color and shape ***