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Handmade Tile

Handmade tile for walls, handmade tile for Bathrooms , handmade tile for Kitchens, handmade tile for Fireplaces handmade floor Pavers, handmade tile and molding for wherever a beautiful surface is desired. The glazed and sealed handmade tiles in these collections range in size from 5/8" mosaic to 8x8". handmade Floor Pavers up to 20x30" are also available. Our Colonial Clay and Javi handmade pavers can be glazed as easily as any other of our materials. Handmade tile and moldings are our specialty. Always expect variation and keep in mind the colors on your monitor are not always accurate.

KMT/BCIA is an environmentally friendly company. We clean and or recycle our water, Spray booth air, clay and paper products. Our pigments are all water based. Our tools of choice are the human hand and our imagination.

PAVERS-COLONIAL CLAY, consist of 3x3, 3x6, 6x6 and Picket (that works with the 6x6) in a thin or thick version. 6x6, 9x9, 12x12, 16x16, Star & Cross, Continental, Arabesque, 8" Hexagon and 9x14 all in the standard thicker version and in Maize, (gold tones), Terracotta & Noce (brown tones) We also make Javi in sizes varying from 4x4 to 20x30 with many different shapes and sizes. Container prices for unfinished material is available.

We cut our handmade tile into MOSAICS to give a sharper and more attractive faceted surface. Squares, diamonds, etc. We also stock 4 shapes of mounted mosaics in our South Beach collection. Those South Beach mosaic shapes can be done custom in any KMT color or finish. We also stock Fusion with a huge variety of Mosaics.

Our handmade tile collections have rectangles, liners, diamonds, triangles and other exotic shapes in a variety of sizes.

Almost all our handmade tile and molding can be finished in almost any of our techniques:

FRESCO- A dry finish available on almost all our handmade tile and molding, done with ceramic material, acid and bleach resistant. Available in a smooth version (VELVET SAND)or a rougher sanded texture. Available in most colors.

SEALING SYSTEMS- There are several systems available to you through KMT. A completely invisible penetrating sealer. New System (Acrylic) indoor outdoor wet area sealer(gloss or satin).

CAPISTRANO-A- sealing system usually used on Maize , Terracotta or Noce clay using stained indoor/outdoor sealer and antiquing

500 SYSTEM-A- sealing system usually used on Maize , Terracotta or Noce clay using Indoor/Outdoor sealer and antiquing, stain, gloss sealer and was-indoors only

CLASSIC 100-A- Capistrano or 500 system appearing sealing system usually used on Maize , Terracotta or Noce clay using stain and matte sealer indoors or outdoors only.

RECENT ADDITIONS-This gallery includes many of the pieces recently added to our collections. Example:Tooled Terracotta- An engraved floor or wall tile usually finished in our Capistrano finish. Tooled white clay, smaller sizes engraved tiles glazed or finished to suit. Ridgline-Different shapes with a raised decorative feature line, glazed to suit. Flatiron-Molded in an attractive raised pattern with a "flat top". Pinnacle-Same without the flat top. Manor House,Manor House II & kabuki-Specific designs on various shapes glazed in a variety of antique colors and finishes.

RAKU- An Asian technique adapted by KMT/BCIA as a specialized handmade tile and molding finish. Copper based and with unusual texture. Decorative only.

CARVED STONE- This is Gold colored marble engraved with our special designs. We stock the pieces already carved and stain them to order. This is real marble and variation, supplied by mother nature, is to be expected.

ANTIQUE- Hand rubbed color on our handmade tile and molding bisque, usually white clay, and finished with gloss, or satin crackle or not.

VENETIAN-Similar to Antique but a color coat is first applied to our handmade tile or molding and fired before the second color is hand rubbed. The finish is low sheen.

METAL tile and molding- Real metal, Copper, Brass, Nickel, Stainless and White metal. All in either solid or veneer, antiqued or patin'd with verde gris or any color you desire. Veneer metal coating is lighter in weight and not for heavy use or wet areas, however the same as the solid in appearance. Solid can be used wherever solid metal is appropriate, commercially, or in wet areas, few limits.

DETAILS- Can be done in Rust, White or Yellow metal. Example- (one rose only on a Rose molding or the rivets on a Legends Top Cap.)

LUSTRES- Gold, Platinum or Opalescent, fragile decorative only. Available in satin or gloss on any of our handmade tile or molding.

VISIONS- Solid or Hand Painted material on our handmade tile or molding, distressed and with uneven matte/semi gloss crazed and stained finish. Usually done on, but not limited to, Colonial Clay either thick or thin. Capistrano is the Visions designs with the clay body as the background then sealed, stained, waxed and antiqued.

AQUA FINA- (AF)- Watery, super transparent gloss glaze, usually with crazing. Gold, Blue, Green, Gray, Red, Clear or White. All but the White can be used over handmade painted tiles or moldings for a real special look.

GLAZES- Transparent, and Opaque,Glossy or Satin- Most colors, some available in crackle. Most every handmade tile collection we make can be produced in almost every color or finish.

CRACKLE/CRAZING- May appear before, during and or after installationof handmade tile. Crackle can be stained at our studio in most colors. Most popular is black or brown. Crazing is not a structural defect but a design characteristic of non-vitrious ceramic materials. We do have a Super crackle, reminisent of old cracked paint available in many colors. The actual crazing on these can be gloss when the surface finish is Matte. We also offer a Crystal Crackle in limited sizes.

CERAMIC PAINTING- We have a full roster of very talented artists on staff to decorate any of the KMT/BCIA handmade tile and molding with almost any design in almost any style, you may require.

CONCEPT PANEL- A concept panel is in theory, a section cut from an installation in order to give the client an idea of how our handmade tile and molding might look in there project. These panels of handmade tile are points of reference and lend themselves to be altered, added to or taken away from.

PATINA STONE-Usually done on a Maize handmade Colonial Clay paver. This is a sealed system, appropriate wherever sealed materials are used. We show this system in 6 colors. The stains are transluscent therefore they are influenced considerably by the clay color. Expect variation.

WINDSOR-This is an Encaustic style system. The handmade tile or molding pieces are inlayed with a material that is available in many colors. We do these with a smooth or rough texture. They are sealed at our studio and are appropriate wherever sealed tiles are used. Great for floors, walls etc.

MURALS-Can be done on 1 tile to as many as your project requires, our artwork or yours.

HI LOW- 6x6 relief pieces with part of the tile proud of the rest. Comes with or without designs. similar to the Manor House

Not all of the products, colors and finishes, we have available, are displayed on this site.

Many of the the handmade tiles and moldings we make are available in Terracotta as well as white clay. Quite often the clay color affects the way the glaze reads on the piece in question. When requesting a different color clay or clay body, it is always wise to request another strike off.

Handmade tile and molding should be blended and installed by an experienced tile person. Variation is an inherent part of handmade ceramics. Crazing may appear over time even on non-crackle glazes. Some glazes can be made to crackle. This crackling or crazing may continue and become more prevalent over time. Chromatic materials may enhance the crazing in tiles and moldings.

Display material is available.

Color and finish matching is available.

Glazed edges, where desired, upon request.

Transparent and semi-transparent glazes on non-vitreous ceramics may allow the absorption of moisture to be visible. This is normal and will exit the piece when area is allowed to dry.

Each order is custom manufactured for your project, therefore it is imperative you order sufficient quantities so that color, tone, hue and sheen maintain consistency. Additions of hand crafted material may not match.

All materials should be inspected prior to installation installation is acceptance. No returns will be accepted without written consent of Ken Mason Tile/BCIA.

BATH ACCESSORIES- are available with all collections. These accessories are only produced in White clay. They are Cast and may vary slightly from the pressed tiles or moldings when you use transparent glazes.

First quality overruns are available. See Overrun section on this site. Please contact us for information and availability. Products displayed on this website may not appear or print accurately. All our custom or quick ship orders are FOB Long Beach, California. Container orders maybe shipped from other, more convenient locations. Page Location: Details