Col Clay, Terra, Javi, S.Felipe & Patina & II

Handmade ceramic tile, moldings and handmade pavers

Our Colonial Clay pavers comes in 3 colors, Maize, (a golden color), Terracotta and Noce (a brown tone). All of these colors have variation within there own pallet. The thickness and sizes are relatively consistent. 6×6 and smaller are made in a thinner bisque (about 3/8″) and the 6×6 up to 16×16 are of a thicker clay (3/4″-7/8″). Javi is available up to 20×30 and comes in both terracotta and Noce clay. The 6×6 in the Colonial Clay system is stocked both thin and thick. These handmade pavers are available in Pickets, Hexagons, Rectangles, Squares, Arabesque and various other shapes. They are available either unsealed, Sealed, Sealed and stained (antiqued) and with various colors sealed right into the surface and or most color glazes fired on. The Terracotta clay used in either the colonial Clay, Javi or the KMT proprietary system (Cal Rough and Cal Smooth)is hand pressed and each system has its own unique version of Terracotta. Most of the material shown in out variety of terracotta systems can be finished in most of our techniques, either with sealers or glazes. The Javi pieces are a bit flatter than the Colonial Clay and come either with a round or square edge. Our traditional Cal Rough and Cal Smooth Clay can also be used on the floor with the same finishes. It is available on Terracotta or white clay Any questions? Please call.