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I15 Ideas Metal w handmade tile

This Legends glazed material is set off with antique Brass studs and the KMT chain pattern. The outside molding is from our Olde Court collection, Royal Cornice. The 4×6 Rhomboids have been cut to...


I 16-Noce with liners & inserts

his idea can be expanded upon and tweaked to your liking. Use Maize Noce or Terracotta or mix them. Use 1 liner, 2 or as many as you like. Surround 1, 4, 9, or...


I 18-Ideas-Relief Arabia handmade tile

These Arabia pieces are in relief and glazed with a white gloss glaze.They are surrounded with a small 1/2 rd, a Gothic liner from Olde Court and the Royal cap from the same collection.


I 22 Ideas Mosaics cut from handmade tile

Diamond mosaics in a random assortment or Antique colors. The Border has the N Grape molding from the KMT collection. The N Grape molding is bordered by Mini Royal Liners from the Olde Court...


I 24-Ideas-Arabesque handmade tile

Royal Cap ,Frame:- 1.5″ studs and Mini Royal Liner in Black gloss, 2×2 with size adjusted in >Ochre and to match Arabesque, Shown here in 5.25×6.25 (small). Also available in 8×10.


I 25-Ideas-Plaid handmade tile

These pieces are 4×4, 1×4 and 1×1. The colors are up to you. We are showing this design in Terracotta / Olive the mosaics are Ochre and Olive, All from the Arabesque color pallet....