14- South Beach & Basix

14-Quick Ship South Beach & Basix

Handmade Hand painted Custom Designer Ceramic Tile & Molding.

Quick Ship-South Beach


SOUTH BEACH and BASIX are our handmade, in stock quick ship programs. As with all non vitreous handmade tile, crazing could appear before, during and after installation. The pieces are dipped in a liquid stain mixture and then, after allowing the stain to soak in the crevases, they are over glazed with a gloss finish and fired for the second time. As with all non-vitrious handmade tile, Crazing could appear before,during and after the installation process. We stock 2x2, 4x4, 3x6 molding, relief pieces and trim in every SOUTH BEACH color, mosaics, 4 shapes, bevel and flat in 3 colors and 6x6 in most. There are a few items, 3x6 bevel, 4x6 rhomboid, 6x8 bead board, and quit we stock only in white. In BASIX we stock 2.5x5 , 5x5, modling and trim. We have recently added, to both collections, 2x4,2x8, 3x6 and 4x8 as well as 6" Arabesque flat, beveled and in relief (Arabia) in white only. We also stock unglazed clay body to accommodate any custom color you would like on any SOUTH BEACH or BASIX bisque. (Not quick ship and priced as custom).

The white and clear glaze is the same in both series, therefore you can use any piece from either collection together in white or clear